These photos are from Jan. 9, 2011. Every time I've been here before, I've entered the water in the protected bay around the Western corner of the park. Today was very calm so I climbed down the rocks right at the point. Visibility was a better-than-expected 15-20'. A seal was hanging around for most of the dive, although it wouldn't come close enough for a decent photo. I saw it lying on the bottom a few times, staring at a boulder. After it swam away, I saw an octopus den under the boulder. Since this is such a shallow dive (my maximum depth was 25 feet) I stayed down for an hour and 10 minutes, before I had to surface with 1000 psi because I was shivering and my hands were painfully numb.
fish-eating anemone and stalked kelp
seastar and anemone
old navy smoke marker
attacking kelp crab
behind boulders
next to small overhanging wall
small overhanging wall
behind fish-eating anemone
seal on bottom in middle of picture
seal swimming away
seal in distance
seal swimming away in distance in middle of picture
seal in distance in middle of picture
seal in stalked kelp
fish-eating anemone
yellow nudibranch
sunflower star at base of reef
colourful stuff on rocks
colourful stuff on rocks
sunflower star near surface
small channel in shallows
anemone and seastar in shallows
sunflower stars
barnacles, etc near surface
looking down at surfgrass near entry-point
at entry-point
at entry-point
feather-duster worms in shallows
looking towards entry-point at tip of park
stone-walled lookout at point
parking on right and lookout on left