There are hundreds of places to dive around the capital of British Columbia and of course I've never seen them all. The only sites listed here are places I've been to. All photos were taken at the dive being described. I guess for legal reasons I should mention that the descriptions are very basic and are not gospel. If you go by them and die, It's not my fault.                                                 
Black rockfish at Clover Point
Grunt sculpin at Ten Mile Point
Ogden Point Breakwater
Wolfeel at Ogden Point
Nudibranchs in Enterprise Channel
Cloud sponges at Christmas Point
Lord Jim Wreck
Lord Jim Wreck before it collapsed
plastic skeleton at Henderson Point
shallows in Saanich Inlet
Barge wreck in Deep Cove
Pilings at Bamberton
Nudibranch and eggs
Sea lions at Race Rocks
wall at Race Rocks
tunnel at Swordfish Island
crimson anemones at Race Rocks
wall at Possession Point
octopus at East Sooke Park
Jesse Island (Nanaimo)
seal eating lingcod head at Whytecliff Park
yelloweye rockfish at Madrona Point
Shallows at Quadra Island
Quadra Island
Painted greenling
hermit crab
Sea lion at Race Rocks
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