These photos are from June 28, 2013. I'm starting to lose faith in the possibility of good visibility here. Today I could see 3-6 feet in the shallows and 10-15' below 20' deep. I'm still impressed by the marine life here though. There is a strange combination of abundant species that makes it seem very different from everywhere else I've dove. The rocks around the point are still smothered with tunicates. Some boulders were covered with decorator crabs. There seemed to be a gunnel on every rock I looked at. I saw two decorated warbonnets. There were more vermilion rockfish today than I've seen here on previous dives. It was a very low tide today and my maximum depth was about 75'.
tunicates on a sloping wall
black and vermilion rockfish
painted greenling
boulder covered with crabs
boulder slope
hermit crab on a nudibranch
rockfish and crabs
buffalo sculpin
vermilion rockfish behind anemones
rockfish around a boulder
quillback rockfish
baby sun star
orange plumose anemones
decorated warbonnet
rockfish under crab-covered boulder
rockfish under boulder
3 kinds of tunicates
orange plumose anemones
tunicates, anemones and seastar
looking down at the boulder slope
anchor under a boulder
gunnel behind tunicates
looking down at boulder reef
45 feet deep
decorator crab
tunicates, etc
quillback rockfish near colourful boulders
sea stars
tunicates and seastars
seastars on a wall
gunnel in the shallows
lightbulb tunicates and orange burrowing cucumbers
sunflower star and lightbulb tunicates in the shallows
sunflower star in the shallows
buffalo sculpin and lightbulb tunicates