I did another dive at Elliott Beach on Nov. 9, 2014. I wasn't very impressed when I dove here before about 5 years ago, but I wanted to have another look. Visibility seemed great in the shallow bay (about 30' or so), but as I descended it became murkier. Visibility was around 20' down on the rocky reefs, which still isn't too bad. I swam along the sandstone reef to where it seemed to end about 80' deep. There were groups of rockfish (brown and copper) among the boulders and I saw crab shell-signs of octopus dens, but overall, my original opinion was reinforced. I'm a bit confused as to why this is a well-known dive site. Nearby Sharpe Point has much more marine life with a shorter swim. Maybe the magic formula for diver popularity involves a public washroom (Elliott Beach has a porto-potty). On a positive note, the lack of invertebrate life allowed an unobstructed view of the interesting sandstone geology. If I lived across the road and I wanted somewhere quick to test a piece of dive equipment, I might dive here again.
sandstone in the bay
mooring block for buoy
rockfish on reef
feather star
copper rockfish
sandstone boulders
4 of 6 plumose anemones I saw
2 plumose anemones and school of small perch
 plumose anemones on the reef
school of perch
copper rockfish, perch and california cucumber
copper rockfish
copper rockfish
copper rockfish
brown rockfish
feather star
feather star
giant nudibranch
angular sandstone down deeper
sandstone down below the main reef
shallower end of the reef
side of the reef
sandstone "lenses"
reef with perch
eelgrass in the bay
clear visibility in the shallows
clear visibility in the shallows
parking at Elliot Beach
parking by the gate
the park overlooking the bay
path to the beach
sandstone shoreline
the bay