Ever since I started diving at Clover Point about 15 years ago, I've always dove along the Eastern side of the point. The sidescan image shows some extensive rocky areas out from the South-West side of the point as well so today (June 18, 2017) I wanted to dive in that area. Visibility was only around 10' as I swam out from the tip of the point through the bull kelp forest.
There were still some small schools of juvenile yellowtail rockfish left over from last year's big spawn:
        Out past the kelp forest, the rocky bottom stepped down gradually. There weren't any walls or anything, just a series of  rocky reefs and pebble/boulder areas. Much of it was covered with big blades of bottom kelp, but from what I could see, there wasn't much obvious marine life under it all. It seemed pretty grey and silty. This area sloped down to about 50' deep.
        As I continued to swim West, the current grew stronger and there seemed to be a bit more marine life. There were some areas with urchins that had grazed away the grey diatoms, allowing pink coraline algae to coat some of the rocks.
        I started the swim back up the slope. At about 35' deep, the bottom was hidden by a covering of stalked kelp. I ducked down under it and saw an octopus out in the open. I think it was mating with another one in its den.
Swimming back up to shore through the bull kelp forest:
After diving here, I don't think this side of the point is anywhere near as interesting as the East side of the point (where most people dive). I'm not sure I'll bother diving this area again.
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