I did another dive at Clover Point (May 7 2017) looking for the legendary sunken train boxcars. I swam out to find some objects on the sidescan image that I thought might be the boxcars. Visibility near shore was only 10-15', but farther out it was about 20'. In the last 2 years or so since the stand-up paddle boarders, kayakers and spearfishing snorkelers all started killing the fish at Clover Point, the lingcod, kelp greenlings and rockfish in the top 30' have almost been completely wiped out. There used to be a school of dozens of black rockfish near the tip of the point that has been reduced to about 5 or so individuals. I guess with Victoria's increasing population and the resultant increase in the kind of people who like going out in nature to destroy things, the drop in marine life is inevitable.
The anchor on the sewer pipe reef:
Like last time I dove here, I followed my compass East from the sewer pipe reef to some other small reefs about 60' deep:
I swam South to the boulder pile that I found on my last dive here:
        I swam out South from the boulder pile to see if the smaller objects on the sidescan image were the boxcars. It turns out these were just small urchin-covered rocks. They were about 75' deep.
I swam back North to the boulder pile:
Back in the shallows near shore:
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