This spot is a bit South of Umatac Village. It's just South of a wastewater treatment plant and the shore access is next to an  ornamental cement sailboat by the side of the road. I came here on March 3, 2019. There is a buoy offshore marking the dive site. 
        I snorkeled out over the shallow reef to the buoy.
        I descended at the buoy. It was attached to a coral head just off the main reef about 50' deep. There was an anemone with clownfish in it on another small coral head nearby.
        The caverns and swim-throughs at the base of the nearby main reef (50' deep) are supposed to be the place to dive here. I did see some small caverns, but I found it rather gloomy and silty, with some areas of nasty visibility (less than 10'). The water was full of stringy bits of plankton. In places, the sandy bottom was covered with leaves and twigs. I assume this was caused by occasional floods from a creek that empties into the ocean near where I parked.
        I went a bit shallower up the reef. The visibility was better here and there were still some caverns and canyons through the coral.
        I didn't think this dive was that great compared to most other sites on Guam. The visibility was lower and there didn't seem to be as many fish as most other places.
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