This is a nice, long sandy beach on the outside of Apra Harbour. It's on the navy base so you need access to the base to visit here. I dove here on March 6, 2019.
At the edge of the reef there was a drop to about 15-20'. Out here the water was clear and blue and there was a good variety of hard coral.
        After swimming a long way out from shore, I reached a depth of 30'. This was a large, flat area covered with hard coral. There were some small sand channels and a few turtles.
        I swam back to the 15-20' deep area closer to shore. There were a few large snorkeling tour boats anchored in the area.
        I swam back over the wide, waist-deep reef to the beach.
At the North end of the beach there were some small caves and tunnels that were used as bunkers during WW2.
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