This area was one of the WW2 invasion beaches where the Americans landed to take back Guam from the Japanese. During these landings, several Amtracks (amphibious, tracked vehicles) swamped and sank. After the war, most of them were salvaged, but a few were missed. One of them is now a well-known dive site. The dive site is behind a large cemetery. An old, broken pipeline stretches out from shore. The amtrack can be reached by swimming West from the end of the pipe.
        I snorkeled out to the end of the pipe. This was a distance of a few hundred meters. There was some kind of small, boat-like structure on the bottom near the pipeline.
        I then snorkeled out West from the end of the pipe. I was looking for a coral canyon with a sandy channel in the middle. This is visible on the satellite image. Once I saw it, I descended and swam along the North side of this canyon. The sandy channel had several large coral heads scattered around it. There was also lots of garbage, especially beer cans, on the sand.
        I reached the end of the sand channel. The amtrack was supposed to be out a bit and to the left. I soon saw it in the distance about 50' deep.
        I swam back towards the pipeline through the coral canyon.
        I was running low on air so I surfaced and snorkeled back the rest of the way.
        This was a pretty nice dive with decent coral growth, but the long swim (about a kilometer one-way to the amtrack) would make me think twice before doing it again.
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